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Each AIFM must appoint a single independent depositary. Responsibilities of such independent depository include among others:

holding financial instruments which belong to the AIF in custody

verifying, based on internal and external evidence of ownership, whether the AIF (or AIFM) holds ownership interest in those assets

ensuring that the sale, issue, repurchase, redemption and cancellation of units or shares of the AIF are carried out in accordance with the applicable national law and the AIF rules

All trades in hedge funds are executed and maintained as book entries by the AIF transfer agents

Depositories have the obligation to monitor the relevant transfer agents to ensure that their infrastructure and procedures are meeting the required standards

The transfer agent due diligence by HedgePole includes review of the general information made available by the AIF transfer agents and their responses to a dedicated due diligence questionnaire which are then evaluated and rated by HedgePole

Over 10 years of experience of working with service providers and their reviews

Active network of over 200 transfer agents and fund administrators

Access to comprehensive industry questionnaires and potential for their tailoring

Standardised and centralised issue and maintenance of the questionnaires

World-wide access through our dedicated e-RFP tool to the service providers' responses to the questionnaire and their rating reports