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As a leading service provider for hedge funds reference data and price collection for institutional and private investors, custodians, fund administrators as well as banks and auditors, over the last decade HedgePole has been successfully growing the universe of funds and securities maintained on behalf of its clients while enhancing the STP rates and with it, the quality of data available to the industry participants.

HedgeDataTM, designed and developed by HedgePole, is a dedicated platform used by fund managers, professional investors and other participants of alternative investment industry that allow for:

  • independent and structured maintenance of hedge funds' reference data and prices including fund documentation
  • maintenance of distribution groups with the respective access levels
  • 24/7 online access to all data and documents in one central location
  • data distribution between fund managers and authorized parties on fully confidential basis
  • dedicated and tailored reporting
  • assignment of unique security identifiers HPIDTM

The key benefits of adding your funds to HedgeDataTM include:

  • free exposure to your potential investors on bespoke basis
  • increased visibility and transparency for your fund on an independent platform
  • data security and confidentiality – the manager retains full control over who can access which information
  • HedgePole's standardised identifiers assigned to each listed fund and share class enabling for security matching and electronic reconciliations

The key benefits of registering in HedgeDataTM include:

  • search engine including several hundred alternative investment products
  • free access to fund pricing reference data and documents upon fund manager's approval
  • enhanced functionalities and individual investment data available on request
  • possibility to run portfolio simulations with live performance data and liquidity terms

To register in HedgeDataTM and setup your account please click here.

If you wish to contact us to discuss the co-operation opportunities please send and email to or call us at +41 55 410 69 81.


The HPIDTM is a unique identifier automatically generated and assigned by HedgePole to each newly created or existing security including individual fund, share class, series, side pocket, equalization factor or capital account. The structure of the HPID consists of a 13 digit unique alphanumeric randomly generated code with no data dependencies.

HPIDs are available to all the industry participants free of charge and can be used without any restrictions as the unique reference number for each security. This underlines HedgePole‘s commitment to support process automation and standardisation in the alternative investment industry.

To request HPID for your funds and securities please register in HedgeDataTM.

Exemplary HedgePole’s ID is:

H P F T C R B D V P 1 Q 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  • 1st and 2nd characters are static and always will have value HP so it will be easily recognized as HPID
  • 3rd - 12th characters are alphanumeric (no vowels) randomly assigned with the exception of the 3rd character which in case of:
    • fund will have value "F"
    • security will have value "S"
    • company will have value "C"
  • 13th character is a checksum which allows confirming whether the code is valid and has not been modified e.g. by mistake
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