Access our dedicated hedge fund data platform

HedgePole's price collection service encompasses active collection of prices from hedge funds, fund of funds and related data on a bespoke basis. Each price obtained and entered in our dedicated database, HedgePrice, is validated and verified carefully. It can be provided to authorised parties only.

Independent collection of prices and performances for hedge funds from fund managers, administrators, custodians and others

Structured data maintenance in HedgePrice

Pro-active validation and verification of prices including exceptions reporting

Collection of supporting documents and notifications (e.g. pricing backups, fund prospectuses, audited financial statements, corporate actions)

Security Master maintenance in accordance with the data requirements from the clients

Reporting on NAV suspensions and fund liquidations

24/7 access for clients to our web-based database with prices and related documents

Flexible and customized data and pricing reporting with required frequency

Real-time data processing based on dual-keying principle

Interfaces to external databases can be easily implemented

Automated procedures and comprehensive solutions for data validation and control ensure high quality service

Support in services related to data collection and processing: such as asset under management updates or fund level static data (liquidity terms, counterparties, fees etc.)

Service can be fully customized to client's requirements

Proper handling of side pockets, suspended, liquidating and gated hedge fund positions

Cost competitive solutions

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