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The HedgePole UCITS Indices were launched in June 2011 and track the performance of all UCITS III (or higher) hedge funds qualified for the inclusion in the UCITS index based on the criteria defined in the HedgePole UCITS Index Methodology white paper. The constituent funds are equally weighted and the UCITS index performances are published on a monthly basis. As of December 2013 the calculation of the UCITS Indices has been ceased.

Index provider

Inception date


Reporting Style

NAV's available

Index calculated

Index performance finalized

Index rebalanced

HedgePole AG

June 2011


Net of all fees



10th business day of the following month


Criteria for fund inclusion

UCITS III (or higher) compliant fund

Hedge Fund Strategy as defined by the use of significant short positions and
implied or explicit leverage

Fund is classified with a Macro (HedgePole UCITS Alternative Macro Index) or
Managed Futures (CTA) strategy (HedgePole UCITS Alternative CTA Index)

The applicability of a combination of Management and Performance Fees
similar to the standards in the Hedge Fund industry

Minimum Assets under Management

Reporting requirement

Minimum length of track record

Index Denomination

Investable Index

Constituents Details

Number of Constituent Funds

$10 Million

Reporting net performance on at least monthly basis

No minimum required

EUR, hedged versions in USD, CHF and GBP


Available to HedgePole's clients

Approx. 30-50 initial constituents (depending on the strategy),
expected to grow over time